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Court of Time 38. Planned Economy

The Soviet economy was built as an ideal mechanism, in which there was no place for inflation and unemployment. Gosplan could predict the future for many years to come, but did not save the country from collapse. Some believe that the planned economy has transformed the USSR into an industrial giant. Others are sure that it deprived our country of the impetus for development and doomed to perish.

The economic development of the USSR is discussed by the participants in the "Court of Time" at the Fifth. .


The bitter truth about Russian politics.

Video about what is happening in our country and close to everyone who sits in front of the monitor!

Who is who in modern Russia !? Who actually does politics in the country? Who are the people who go out into the square and dictate to the country, what to do? .


Human and society

On the site — political and economic video reviews of Anatoly Wasserman. .


BBC: Design Rules # 1 — Space and Planning

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"Design rules" — a series of six films about the basic rules of design of premises in which we live. Famous British designer Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen talks about the basics of interior design, the influence of color, light, textures and furniture arrangement. Films will be interesting not only for designers, but also for all those who are planning to do repairs in their apartment and are looking for inspiration.

From the first series you will learn how to make a small room visually more spacious, simply relying on the features of our perception.

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COLD POLICY. Foreign Policy of Russia

Cold policy. Ether on the "First Channel" 02/02/2012.
Authors of the film invite to the conversation those who are not indifferent to the history and the present of Russia's foreign policy.

What is the relationship between the two most powerful in the world, from the military point of view, the powers — Russia and the United States? Summit? Of course! Trade relations? Undoubtedly! Joint decision-making on all the painful issues of world politics? Required! Rocket-nuclear parity? Naturally! … and many other things. And there is nothing unimportant. And every question has its own story.
Surprisingly, people often know much less about the last 20 years of foreign policy relations with the United States than about allied ties during the Second World War, about the Caribbean and Berlin crisis of the 1960s, about the views of the American elite on Russia as an "evil empire" "… What characterizes the new, modern stage of the Russian-American foreign policy? How Americans treated the events in Russia — Perestroika, the collapse of the USSR, the fall of political influence, the film "Cold Politics" will tell.
Year of manufacture: 2012
Country Russia
Genre: Documentary.


Lolita, M. Polizeymako, S. Agapkin — Song of Health

New Year is the time to give gifts. Today, all the stars have prepared gifts for TV viewers!

Leading the favorite transfer of all children and adults "Good night, kids!" Oksana Fedorova came to the "New Year's Parade" with her co-host — Fillet (Philip Kirkorov) and Piggy (Vladimir Zelensky).

Maxim Galkin and Yuri Askarov will talk about "How to celebrate the New Year", and the leading programs "On the most important" Sergei Agapkin and Mikhail Polizemako along with Lolita perform "Song of Health." Nadezhda Babkina will have a heart-to-heart talk with Angela Merkel (Yuri Stoyanov), and Maxim Galkin in the image of Vladimir Putin — to meet with Barack Obama in the performance of Yuri Galtsev. Dima Bilan and Soso Pavliashvili will enjoy a new hit called "Natural Brunette", and Dmitry Guberniev and Pierre Narciss will talk about "Heroes of Sports".

This night on the horizon of the TV channel "Russia" will also appear: Nikolai Baskov, Anna Semenovich, Igor Mamenko, "The New Russian Grandmother", Sergei Lazarev, Lev Leshchenko. .


Events in Nalchik (TVC). War live

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The plot of the program "Our version" of a famous journalist and analyst Mikhail Markelov. Exclusive filming of "urinating in the toilet", filmed by correspondents of this program. Comments, as they say, are superfluous. I will add only that analogies are being made here and additionally shown footage of the attacks of bandits on Nazran (Ingushetia). .


How to make a unique website design — KOCHETOFF.ru

The video tutorial shows how easy it is to make a beautiful and unique website design without being a programmer and without knowing a single programming language — and even HTML!

Other video tutorials on