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Web series "Human Rights". Part 7. Civil society

The origins and meaning of representative democracy.
 Civil society. .


This is Israel :-) Kosher food. Why don't Jews eat, why?

This is Israel 🙂 Kosher food. Why don't Jews eat, why?
What is kosher food?
What other than food can be kosher?
What is a kosher person?
Answers to this in the video.
Watch, comment, ask questions, correct (I am a secular person, and I do not observe kosher, and the video is based only on general knowledge and observations).

# koshernayeda # kashrut #israel # why the Jews #.


Murder in Midsomer. 18.02. Cooper Hill Incident. (Monophonic)

The eighteenth season of the popular British TV series “Pure English Murders” was released on television in January 2016. Over the years on the air, the project has gained millions of fans around the world. Each season is the expected premiere of the audience. The series is very multifaceted and imbued with English spirit. The works of the famous English writer formed the basis of the project. Franny Ray has been the main director for several seasons. The leading roles also remained unchanged: Barry Jackson, Daniel Casey, John Hopkins, Laura Howard and others. The new season includes four series, each lasting 1.5 hours. .


CONVENTIONAL FOOD AGAINST MACDONALDS ||| FAST FOOD vs HOME FOOD / Macdonald's challenge / Alice with sister

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Plain food against McDonalds and Burger King, homemade food and fast food, challenge with sister, video for children, macdonalds, challenge, Alice and Lisa, Alisa Lisova video with sister, The Liza, challenge accepted.


When will the Russian economy collapse or take off? INFOGRAPHICS

People ask me to talk about the future of the Russian economy. Especially for all residents of Ukraine and Russia who are waiting for the Russian economy to collapse and who are waiting for the Russian economy to grow. All this in pictures.


MILLION FOOD in the Caucasus. ENG SUB.

Dish for the soul feast. Strength and longevity of the highlander.
Simple traditional Caucasian method of cooking lamb. YouTube video.
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ASLAN SHAVTVALOV "Ossetia is festive"
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Carlsen — Karjakin. Incident with a bottle On Norway Chess 2017! Blitz Chess

In the game of Magnus Carlsen against Sergey Karjakin, there was a funny incident with a bottle in the Norway Chess 2017 super-tournament.

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The video partially borrowed material from the channel Norway chess.


Asian Food

The spoilers

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Sergey Mikheev: What is Digital Economy?

Sergey Mikheev: What is Digital Economy? "Iron Logic" 06/09/2017
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