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Stas Nedvizhka. Interview. Investing in real estate. Where to invest money.

Today, talk about real estate, investing, overcoming difficulties on the way to the goal.
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#StasNadvizhka # Real estate # Moscow # BuyPenthouse # Investments # Payback # Profit # Potaninserge # Invitation # Where to put the money.


Ventolin: Disco Science

The album "Welcome" is released on September 15, 2017 on CD and LP.
Can be ordered at

Director and camera: Petr Marek (MIDI LIDI) and Johus Matus
Editor: Petr Marek
Starring: David Doubek and Jana Provazníková
Picture collaboration: Zdeněk Urban (Golden Dawn)
Acknowledgments: Novotni, Votoček, Hlavo, Zeis, Šimon Levitner, Retro TV, Tereza Rullerová, Kateřina Slezáková, man from the container, Vašo Patejdl, Ondřej Ježek
Thanksgiving: Dada Germancek

Music: David Doubek / Ventolin — synths, drummachines, percussion.
Lyrics: David Doubek, "interested" by Petr Marek
Guests: Prokop Holoubek — bass, percussion
 Michal Janík — drums
Recorded in 2017 at Studio I'm not at home, skirts, cosmos and Studio Myslivna
Mix: David Doubek / Studio I'm not home, shirts, cosmos
Mastering: Ondřej Ježek / Jámor Studio
Special thanks to: Klára, Berta & Hubert, Prokop, Zdeněk, Tereza & Vit, Markéta, Michal, Hector,
© & ℗ Ventolin & Bumbum Satori, 2017

ENGLISH TRANSLATION (no poetry, just the meaning of the lyrics)
First floor in the house
outlook to the backyard
a moment of peace, please no disturbance
we are developing
we are developing
Disco Science

For all boys

so much happiness

For all girls
For all boys
Disco Science
For all kids
For all old men
Disco Science

We are looking for a code of the hidden reality
where we can meet
wehere we can dance you and me
we're working on it
maybe we're close
accelerator particles
from the Disco Dimension

Disco Science!

We've got just few minutes
so where to start from
is it gonna work?
Will it be enough?

We will interconnect
all we found at home
all our synths
all our loves

We are looking for a code of the hidden reality
where we can meet
wehere we can dance you and me
where its of no relevance
where anyone came from
where in the Disco Space
our souls will touch.

Disco Science
for all interested listeners.


HIGH SOCIETY Film Clips Part 1+ Trailer German German (HD) | Rome Com 2017

HIGH SOCIETY Film Clips Part 1+ Trailer German German (HD) | Rome Com 2017

romantic comedy / Germany 2017
Theatrical release: September 14, 2017
Film length: 100 minutes
FSK released from 12 years

Title: High Society — Opposites attract
Original title: High Society — opposites attract

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Anabel (Emilia Schüle) is the daughter of a super-rich industrialist family led by Mother Trixi (Iris Berben). As a wealthy girl Anabel is spoiled by wealth, always has nothing else in mind than the next big party. But then it comes to tangible scandal in her maternity hospital, which is known to have been swapped several babies — including was the little Anabel! She promptly ends up with her real family with Mama Carmen Schlonz (Katja Riemann), Anabel's two siblings and an illegal lodger. With pomp it is over in the Plattenbau-WG and then Anabel gets even more trouble with the policeman Yann (Jannis Niewöhner). But actually the Yann is really cute and Anabel maybe on a better path than before …








Children try food from the USSR [Рецепты Bon Appetit]

Today, children try top dishes from the USSR. What will they be delighted with? What shocks them? Look!

Recipes Bon Appetit — video recipes for every day!

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The incident with the destruction of graffiti since the Maidan investigates the prosecutor's office

The incident with the destruction of graffiti since the Maidan investigates the prosecutor's office

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Journey to youth (1956) film

Plant manager Nazarov and engineer Petrov are constantly in conflict. Both dream of a holiday in order to be without each other for a while. It so happened that they were in the same mountaineering detachment. Here Petrov turned out to be the main one. It took detachment life and considerable difficulties to Nazarov realized how courageous, human and whole is Petrov.

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Journey to youth (1956) film

Genre: Drama
Year of production: 1956
Production: Film Studio. Dovzhenko
Duration: 01:18:40

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Russia's economy will soon surprise the “golden billion”

Every accountant knows that a company's balance sheet consists not only of assets, but also liabilities. And if debts increase more than liquidity, then the enterprise is a future bankrupt.
Why, when assessing the economic potential of a country, do neoliberals refer only to GDP and do not take into account debt time, which has increased significantly in recent years in Western countries?

But Russia has almost no debts. This gives her a good start in reforming the economy. The main task is to get out of the Bretton-Woods monetary system, organize the demand for rubles, create a reserve of liquidity independent of gold and foreign exchange reserves and begin the industrialization of the country.

Will Vladimir Putin, after the elections of 2018, be able to start implementing this plan?

On the air Pravda. ru: Nikolay Starikov, economist, leader of the Great Fatherland Party
Conducts the program: Lyubov Stepushova, international observer

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Property in Estonia: prices, taxes, rent, mortgage

Real estate in Estonia: prices, taxes, rent, mortgage // / public81505399 — public investing in VK.
 — channel on investment and real estate.
00:38 Real estate prices in Estonia
1:36 Taxes on immovable property in Estonia
2:44 Mortgage in Estonia
3:18 Rent in Estonia
4:21 On the investment potential of Estonian real estate.



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Today we will walk around London, imagine what it's like to have an apartment in the center of such a city, understand what modern art is, why we need it and take a look at it from a new angle, visit a few places of interest, and at the end of the trip, I will share my experience of living in a quiet center of London .

Song: T-Mass & Jaxxtone — Gave To Me [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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