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How will the economy of Ukraine change in 2018?

The chairman of the budget committee of the Public Council of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine in the UATV studio analyzes the draft state budget for 2018 and gives its forecasts for changes in the country's economy.

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Incident at the police station. Episode k f Wide Stepping (2004)

“Walking Long” (English Walking Tall, literally — “Walking to Full Height”) is a film directed by Kevin Bray. A remake of the same film in 1973.

Tagline: One person will stand for what is right.
Walking Tall is a 2004 American action film. A 1973 film of the same name, it stars the Rock and Johnny Knoxville. She has been banging her hair loosely. It was a number of aspects that had been changed, and that it was not a matter of course.
• year 2004
• Country: USA
• slogan "He will stand for the truth"
• directed by Kevin Bray
• script by Mort Briskin, David Klass, Channing Gibson, …
• producer Ashok Amritraj, Jim Burke, Lukas Foster, …
• operator Glen MacPherson
• composer Graham Revell
• artist Brent Thomas, Roxanne Meto, Gersha Phillips, …
• montage by George Bowers, Robert Yevison
• thriller, crime
• Starring:

• Dwayne Johnson
• Johnny Knoxville
• Neil McDonough
• Michael Bowen
• Ashley Scott
• Kevin Durand
• John Beasley
• Barbara Tarbak
• Kristen Wilson
• Khleo Thomas
“Baywatch Saviors” (English Baywatch) is an American comedy film directed by Seth Gordon. The film premiered in the USA on May 25, 2017, in Russia — on June 1, 2017.
Baywatch is a series of films of the same name. Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach and Jon Bass. The plot follows the lifeguard and his team.
• year 2017
• Country: USA
• slogan "Shake the sand out of the bottoms"
• director Seth Gordon
• screenplay by Michael Burke, Douglas Schwartz, Gregory J. Bonann, …
• producer Ali Bell, Michael Burke, Michelle Burke, …
• operator Eric Stilberg
• composer Christopher Lennerz
• artist Shepherd Frankel, Tom Frahling, Lisa Vasconcellos, …
• montage Peter S. Elliot
• thriller, drama, comedy

• Dwayne Johnson
• Zac Efron
• Priyanka Chopra
• Alexandra Daddario
• Kelly Rohrbach
• Ilfenesh Hadera
• John Bass
• Yahya Abdul-Marin II
• Hannibal Bress
• Rob Hyubel
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What is health (documentary) 2017

Many people know that poor quality food is often sold in Russia and low-income countries. Some people are aware of the dangers of such products, others do not even suspect the harmful substances that make up favorite delicacies. But even if someone knows the truth, he is forced to buy deadly delicacies because of their low price. But saving often turns into deaths …

Scientists have conducted research and found that all the favorite meat is a serious threat to the body. Firstly, it is often stuffed with antibiotics, and secondly, it contains too many hard-to-digest elements. Eating animal food, a person literally kills its immunity and gives the maximum load on all systems of the body.

The authors of the picture conducted an investigation and found that there is some collusion between the food producers, the ruling elites, pharmacists and industrialists. They work in a single "chain", not providing people with a worthy alternative in nutrition, while placing them on harmful food.


Real estate as a business. New Moscow. Metro MCC

In this issue, we will analyze the issue of investment using the example of commercial and residential space. Let's talk about the prices for real estate at various stages of construction, we will consider the most optimal ways of generating income and its possible sizes. We will discuss the main differences between these investments and learn 3 key aspects that every investor should know about.
Also I will tell you about what factors can influence pricing in this issue. To do this, we'll ride to MCC. Where we will pass — look in the release!

# new_moscow # metro_mtsk # stas_new_wind # real estate # stas_newind_interview # construction # residential_places # commercial_places # obtaining_of_the_realty # investment_in_real_ real estate

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HIGH SOCIETY — soundtrack [Apollo Theo feat. ADN – «Smile» (2017)]

► Warner Bros. presents the song for the movie HIGH SOCIETY. ► ► HIGH SOCIETY — from 14th September 2017 in the cinema! Subscribe to the WARNER BROS. DE channel for current cinema trailers.

Anabel von Schlacht (Emilia Schüle) is the well-fortunate party daughter of a heavy-handed industrialist family led by Mother Trixi von Schlacht (Iris Berben). At least everyone thought so, but a tangible scandal in Anabels maternity hospital reveals the confusion of various babies and also Anabel's true origin: Her birth mother Carmen Schlonz (Katja Riemann) lives with her two other children and an illegal subtenant in a PlattenbauWG. When Anabel arrives at her new home, she gets directly into trouble with the attractive policeman Yann (Jannis Niewöhner). Their further journey is paved with bizarre encounters, family conflicts and confusion of love, but it leads them to reflect on the really important values ​​of life and to search for their true identity, the first real job and the question of what family means.

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Title: High Society
Movie release: September 14, 2017
Genre: Romantic Comedy

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Street Food Thailand Street Food Thailand

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Tourists traveling to Thailand can not only get acquainted with the specialties, cultural traditions and sights of this amazingly beautiful country, but also enjoy the national Thai cuisine. Food in Thailand is significantly different from European dishes and conveys a special local flavor of the Asian state.
Tourists who decide to visit sunny Thailand need to be prepared for the fact that the food of this country may seem very specific to them. The distinctive features of Thai cuisine include the following features:

One of the main products used in many dishes is brown and white rice;
Thai dishes are hearty and the portions are large; there is always meat, shrimps, crabs and other protein foods on the menu;
Thai chefs often experiment with a combination of seemingly incompatible products, while the prepared exotic food turns out delicious, the menu of local cafes offers to try shrimps with natural honey, bitter melon with cereal and other foods unusual for Russians;
almost all dishes served in Thailand combine five flavors: bitter, sweet, sour, salty, spicy;
Thai chefs prepare food using a huge variety of spices, if you don’t say to the chef “no spicy” (in English — “not spicy”), you can get too spicy a dish that you can’t eat without using it;
residents of Thailand practically do not consume bread and rarely serve it in restaurants, tourists can buy bakery products in local supermarkets.
If the Asian menu, because of its specificity, is not to your liking, visiting tourists can always visit restaurants with Mexican, European, Russian cuisine.
Thailand food, street food of Thailand, street food of Asia, street food.