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Food Under a Microscope, What You Never Seen

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16 micrographs and facts about food, from which the hair on the head stand on end. You never look at your plate again with the same eyes!
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Natalia Zachheim: My First Million In Real Estate. My history. Investing in real estate

Natalia Zachheim: My First Million In Real Estate. My history. Investing in real estate …

My path is my unique experience, creating a system of financial freedom and access to the life that I once dreamed of. All this is real. I could — you can do it! .


014. School of Management — Unit-economy or the search for points of multiple growth. Ilya Krasinsky

I'll tell you about the very basics: how to build a monetization model for business, find points of multiple growth and how to work with cohorts when calculating the economy. .


014. School of Management — Unit-economy or search for points of multiple growth. Ilya Krasinsky

I'll tell you about the basics: how to build a model of monetization for business, to find the points of multiple growth and how to work with cohorts in the calculation of the economy. .


Pronko.Ekonomika: Sberbank + Gref = paganism + kabalistika

1. Historical maximum: the “ninth wave” of bankruptcies

The way out of the crisis announced by the financial and economic bloc of the government is accompanied by massive bankruptcies of enterprises. The number of bankrupt companies is close to the historical maximum. Experts identify three factors that led to such disastrous results: an unprecedented drop in real disposable incomes of the population, as a result, a sharp decline in consumer demand, a high key rate of the Central Bank, which does not allow enterprises to attract borrowed (circulating) funds and the accumulated structural problems in the economy, which was already known in 2008-2009, but which have not been resolved over the past years.

2. Russia needs its aviation industry, otherwise …

The actual destruction of the domestic aircraft industry over the past quarter century has led to the capture of the Russian aviation market by foreign aircraft manufacturers. Which in turn will lead to a large-scale redistribution of this segment of the economy. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia reported that from 6 to 9 Russian airlines could go bankrupt in the foreseeable future. The cause of the crisis is a rigid link to the import of foreign ships. About how Boeing and Airbus are pulling the domestic aviation sector to the bottom, in our material.

3. VTB needs urgent help from the Cabinet of Ministers and the Central Bank

As you know, the government and the Central Bank have no money for enterprises in the real production sector of the Russian economy, but they are always there to save the "poor and needy" — bank tycoons and speculators. In the banks of the VTB Group, the structural deficit of ruble liquidity is growing, which is covered by injections from the state. This was reported in its new review by analysts of Raiffeisenbank with reference to the statements of VTB under IFRS. In the third quarter, the second state bank of Russia received from the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank 296 billion rubles. We are talking about repo loans, which the Central Bank issues on collateral of securities, as well as treasury operations, which allocates free funds of the federal budget to banks.

4. Sberbank + Gref = Paganism + Cabalism

The domestic banking sector is a “black hole” of the Russian economy. As trusts even hundreds of billions, and trillions of rubles are thrown into the furnace. On VTB — 900 billion, on the "Discovery" and Binbank — more than one trillion two hundred billion. Experts have already become entangled in the calculations, answering the question of how many trillions have been spent on those who do not produce anything, but manages on their losses, at the expense of the state budget, to receive super-profits. The answer lies not only in lobbying the interests of the “five bankers” from the financial and economic bloc of the government and the current management team of the Bank of Russia, but also in the hobbies of paganism and cabalism on the part of German Gref, the main beneficiary of what is happening in our financial market. Details in our report.

5. The Bank of Russia is preparing for a shortage of currency

The Russian Central Bank has begun to prepare a special operation, which will be caused by a large-scale outflow of foreign currency from the domestic financial market. This will happen in December of this year, when banks and corporations have to pass the next peak of repayments of their external debt.

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CHEAP FOOD || Savings for Students

When you really want to buy something expensive, you have to save. Including food.
Nastya and I “walked” around the store in search of cheap food and tried everything we bought 🙂

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Real food in the form of Lizuna Slime

Real food in the form of lizun Funny jokes for Friends Slime Jelly Rainbow and dry Breakfast with lizuna
DRINKS WITH LIZUNAS Real food in the form of lime

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Lizun in DENTAL PASTE A new recipe for slime from light plasticine, I will show you how to make toothpaste and play your friends
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