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The Journey of #FATTZURA

Fattah Amin and Nur Fazura began collaborating since 2013 through the movie Manisnya Cinta Di Cappadocia. No sense was revealed at that moment and both went on to pursue their respective careers. The year 2017 became their point of return when Fazura received a heroine heroine drama Cinderella Hero next to Fattah Amin. So, 'awkward' at first, who would have been so friendly to YPM & YPC? "Alhamdulillah, on November 13, 2017, Fattah showed her determination to enliven Fazura by sending merisik troupe and they have been safely engaged. — we pray for their happiness, hopefully to extend the marriage to the wedding gate and to build an eternal housewife until the house.

List of songs:
1) Jampi- Hael Husaini
2) Seeing- Opick & Amanda
3) Cinderella- Fattah Amin & Fazura
4) Despacito- Justin Bieber & Luis Fonci
5) 1234U- Fattah Amin
6) Last Woman- FattahAmin
7) Only God Knows- Fazura
8) Tomorrow Is Still There — Hannah Delisha
9) For The Rest of My Life- Maher Zain
10) Cinta Kita- Teuku Wisnu & Shireen Sungkar.


Delicious and Cheap Food in Heihe — Life in China # 119

Street food in China, unlimited dumplings in Heihe, barbecue with kebabs for 1 yuan each. Most of the dishes are like. Not only liked the experimental dishes, the taste of which we doubted even before ordering.
Enjoy your meal!
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Inexplicable events that fall outside the framework of common sense. ULO. The story against standing

Previously unknown archival materials, recent research by experts on the most relevant and exciting issues of our time. The authors are not afraid to touch sensitive topics and talk about what has been hidden for years. Hot debates and emotional discussions, analysis and forecasts, assumptions and conclusions, for and against. Sometimes our hypotheses will seem impossible to you, but in fact they can be quite real.

The project describes what stands out from the general range and is not subject to classification, while it matters on a global scale, and is also an achievement and a source of pride not only for the country, but for all of humanity.

About secret, unknown and incredible. Magic, mystic, esoteric, astrology. Mysteries of UFOs and past civilizations, anomalous places and inexplicable human capabilities.
All the inexplicable phenomena in our life: unusual, anomalous and paranormal, magic and religion, predictions, UFOs and NLP as well as scientific discoveries, the secrets of the cosmos, the secrets of ancient civilizations.
Magic and magic, paranormal and inexplicable phenomena, the search for truth and the philosopher's stone, the creation of the elixir of youth and eternal life — have always worried a person. The process of learning is our natural state. And for a start, we need to recognize that the inexplicable, the unknown and the supernatural — does not mean someone else's, alien! So far we do not know the nature of these phenomena and we should not deny them only by the fact that it is beyond description and does not obey the generally accepted laws.
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In this video, my sister and I competed who will have more jelly food. Waiting for comments like you video. Enjoy: 3
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Is it worth buying real estate as an investment now?

How much can you earn on renting an apartment in Moscow? Real feedback.
How much should your car cost? Congruence and its absence
How to save money? 3 ways
Stop whining and say that everything is bad! Do not like something — change!
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TOP-5 books for those who want to become rich
Why not need to be afraid to invest?
Why can not you compare yourself with your environment?
How to earn 20-30% per annum?
How to convert $ 1 000 000 $?
How the magic of compound interest makes us rich.
Housing issue: Rent or buy in a mortgage? What is more profitable?
What are good plastic cards? Why is it more convenient to store money on a card, but not in a purse?
Investments that will bring you maximum return without risk.
How the magic of compound interest makes us rich.
How do loans make us poor? Bad loans and good loans.
The secret of the rich. How do the rich and poor people manage money?
How to achieve financial security? What is it for?
How to plan a personal budget? 3 basic rules and the main goal.
What money is ours, and which are not ours. The rule is 10%.
Why do you need financial literacy?
Investments in real estate. Now the real estate market continues to fall, prices are falling. But the demand for real estate is growing. Now there is already some excitement. People get money and mortgage has become cheaper.
There are 2 options for investing in real estate: 1. Invest in the primary. 2. Invest in the secondary housing.
And 2 ways to invest: You can bet on the fact that prices will rise on this property. Or to smoke an apartment and rent out. In this video, we will discuss each method in detail. .


New design of the Clients module

Meet the updated design of the “Clients” module of Megaplan

Drag and change the width of the columns, minimize the "filters" panel, create custom fields, import your customer base and this is not all!

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New design of the module Clients

Meet the updated design of the module "Clients" Megaplan

Drag and change the width of the columns, minimize the filters panel, create custom fields, import the database of your customers and that's not all!

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Lukashenko: the economy is growing. Belarusians: he makes fun? | Belarus's economy: $ 500 do not wait

The average salary of $ 500, the promised Belarusians Alyaksandr Lukashenka again postponed. And again, to blame the government. At a special meeting Lukashenko demanded from officials to ensure an acceptable economic growth and create new jobs. Is it really in the "manual" management?

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Cryptocurrencies: new economy or new pyramid?

November 21 at 19:00 will start the live broadcast of the lecture of the Foundation of Egor Gaidar. Vladimir Sokolov, associate professor and head of the laboratory of financial economics at HSE, will talk about the prospects for cryptocurrencies, the stability of their courses and functioning algorithms. Economic commentator Boris Grozovsky will act as moderator of the event.
The course of the lecture project "Faculty of Economics" "Economics of the coming future" is conducted with the information support of "Kommersant".
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The Central Bank has limited the level of the minimum initial mortgage payment. What consequences? What will this lead to in 2018? You will find out about this on the channel about real estate Agent Notes

Again we are preparing for the growth of mortgage rates

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