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Bulk 2018: another incident in Kostroma or “gentlemen, why are you doing this?”

In Kostroma, a man in civilian clothes who introduced himself as a police officer cut an eyebrow to Alexander Zykov, deputy coordinator of the local headquarters of Alexei Navalny …
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INCIDENT with archive Uraltseva (trailer number 2)

Genre: drama, thriller, detective, thriller.

Directed by: Sergey Poloskov, producer: Sergey Ivanov.

The film was shot: Igor Nikolaev, Vasily Ivanov, Timofey Moroz, Denis Popelugin, Anatoly Orekhov.

Two mercenaries of a private security company, performing the next task, are faced with the need to kill civilians carrying a scientific archive. The guards refuse to execute the order and go against the Company. The company sends a stripping team to eliminate apostates.


Incident in Voronezh

The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, in his instagram called “shame” the story of two Chechen girls in Voronezh.

The incident happened yesterday afternoon, July 27th. On the street, four men approached two girls, one of whom was not yet 18 years old. Two of them were in the form of police officers, others — in ordinary clothes. They demanded that the girls, who were walking with the child, present the documents. Those asked to introduce themselves and asked on what basis. Men ignored questions, but continued to insist on their own and offer to drive to the office. One of them began to shoot what was happening on video, to which the phrase was sounded that they would break her phone.
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Video: @ kadyrov_95.


The explosion of the bag in the Metro Incident with a passenger at the station Ploschad Pobeda Minsk metro

Burst bags in the Metro
The incident with the passenger at the station Ploschad Pobeda Minsk metro.


INCIDENT OF CHECHEN IN DAGESTAN 07 07 2017 | Kadyrovtsy arrived in Auhov district in the village of Leninaul

Chechen special machinery left for Dagestan, Aukhovsky district after information about a gathering being prepared there
The security forces of Dagestan restricted the entry of Chechens into the village of Leninaul of the Aukhovsky District.
 However, one post in the Aukh district of Dagestan missed them, and the other did not. As a result, about 500 cars were between two posts. .


UFO. Zone 51. Roswell Incident. Was there contact with aliens? Discovery

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Zona 51 (eng. Area 51) — military base, a remote unit of the military air base Edwards. Located in the United States in the south of Nevada, 133 km north-west of Las Vegas, on the southern shore of the dry salt lake Groom Lake.
Zone 51 is not an ordinary air base: new type aircraft are developed and tested on it. After approval of their projects by the US Air Force or other agencies, such as the CIA, they are used in conventional military bases. Soviet spy satellites took photographs of Zone 51 in 1988 during the Cold War, subsequently taken photographs were obtained and published by the Federation of American Scientists, after which the civilian satellites prepared detailed photographs of the base and its surroundings. However, it is impossible to obtain significant information about the landfill site: only unremarkable bases, hangars and dry lakes are visible. According to unofficial data, the main part of the working area of ​​the base is located underground.
Roswell Incident (eng. Roswell incident, also Roswell UFO incident. Roswell UFO incident) — the alleged crash of an unidentified flying object near the city of Roswell in New Mexico, USA in July 1947.
Since the end of the 1970s, this incident has caused fierce disputes and conspiracy theories, primarily due to the unclear nature of the detected object.
According to the official position of the US Air Force, the detected object was a weather probe used in the secret program "Mogul".
In various journalistic sources, the popular version is that the object was an extraterrestrial ship, and its pilot was an alien, whom the US government seized and classified. This event has become one of the most famous elements of American pop culture, and thanks to him, the name of the city of Roswell is often associated with UFOs.
Initially, the incident was quickly forgotten even by ufologists and remained unknown for 30 years. Then, in 1978, physicist and ufologist Stanton T. Friedman (born Stanton T. Friedman) interviewed Major Jesse Marcel, who was involved in the investigation of the events of 1947. Marcel was confident that the military had hidden the alien spacecraft discovered. His story has become widespread among fans and researchers of UFOs and has been included in several documentaries on this topic. In February 1980, the tabloid The National Enquirer (Eng.) Interviewed Marcel, who spread the fame of the Roswell incident.
According to other witnesses to the incident, the incident was a major military operation, the purpose of which was to reproduce an alien ship. Some witnesses claimed intimidation by US government agencies. .


Incident with the protection of Erdogan: Turkish leader will respond to the United States with political and legal methods

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised to respond to the US with political and legal methods after the Washington police issued arrest warrants for his guards. Clashes between them and Ankara’s opponents occurred on May 16 near the residence of the Turkish Ambassador to the United States, which at that time was Erdogan. According to the Turkish side, the incident occurred because of the refusal of the US authorities to take the necessary security measures. Read more in the article by RT correspondent Alexey Yaroshevsky.

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