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Colonel Alexander Glushchenko about the incident in the Moscow metro and Ramzan Kadyrov’s reaction

A video appeared on the Internet on behalf of a man sitting on the bus. He, speaking Chechen and probably intoxicated, without any reason threw an energy can at the young man seated opposite and pronounced the Akhmat is a force popular in Chechnya.
Ramzan Kadyrov, seeing the video, spoke in social networks with an angry speech. The head of Chechnya said that his “indignation has no limits,” apologized on behalf of the entire Chechen people to the injured youth and said that the offender has “only a few hours to respond! Otherwise you will regret bitterly! ” The apologies that Ramzan Kadyrov demanded were not long in coming.
Colonel of the Russian Armed Forces Alexander Glushchenko, who served in the Chechen Republic, who served as deputy commandant of Chechnya and personally knew Ramzan Kadyrov, comments on the situation and explains some subtleties.
Presenters: Yuri Gimmelfarb and Alexander Glushchenko.
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В Чехии нашли участок, до сих пор принадлежащий гестапо

После войны в результате ряда бюрократических ошибок участок не попал ни к одному из новых владельцев.

На юго-востоке Чехии обнаружен маленький земельный участок, формально до сих пор принадлежащий гестапо.

Как сообщает информационный портал iDnes.cz, участок Continue reading

Footballers Mamaev and Kokorin may be involved in another beating

The scandal around the midfielder of FC Krasnodar and the Zenit striker continues to gain momentum. Today it was reported that, allegedly, a couple of hours before the fight in the cafe, the football players beat another person. News Public MASH reported that the players in the parking lot beat a man from Belarus. Official confirmation of this fact yet. But the Krasnodar football club responded to the incident in the following way: “We consider it unacceptable and condemn any form of violence,” the address on the club’s website says. In addition, the leadership of Krasnodar, expresses confidence that after the final investigation of law enforcement agencies, the incident will be given the appropriate legal and legal assessment. More in detail — in our plot.


Video as Kokorin and Mamaev beat two officials who were taken to hospital

Video as Kokorin and Mamaev beat two officials who were taken to hospital

Kokorin and Mamaev beat two officials of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

The incident occurred on Monday morning, October 8, in a cafeteria in the north-west of Moscow.

In the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (Minpromtorg) commented on the attack on the head of the department of automobile industry and railway transport Denis Pak, which according to preliminary information was made by Zenit attacker Alexander Kokorin and Krasnodar midfielder Pavel Mamayev.

— Employees are located in medical institutions of the city of Moscow, where they were provided with necessary assistance. On the fact of the incident the victims have already filed a statement with the police, the ministry said.

The ministry expressed the hope that the law enforcement bodies of the capital will soon understand what happened. According to the updated information, together with Pak, the general director of the State Research Center of the Russian Federation, FSUE “NAMI” Sergey Gaisin suffered.

Earlier, Channel Five talked about the incident. It is reported that the players came to the cafeteria in the morning in a large company. Behaved noisy and defiant. The staff of the institution could not calm them down, after which an official of the Ministry of Industry and Trade intervened. According to preliminary information, Denis Pak was diagnosed with injuries to his hands and face. .


Kokorin and Mamaev beat up an official in Moscow “Coffeemania”. Draka Kokorina and Mamayev with an official

Published video fight Kokorin and Mamaev. Zenitovets hit the official chair
Earlier, Bombardier wrote that Zenit attacker Alexander Kokorin and Krasnodar midfielder Pavel Mamayev are suspected of beating a man. The telegram channel Mash has posted a video of the incident. .


Mass brawl involving Habib and MacGregor, Arrests after the tournament and UFC 229 bonuses

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Kuzbass authorities commented on the incident with pollution of the Kundat River

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The guy trying to drag in the car (Incident Barnaul)

In the Central District, a man was shoved into a car and taken away.

⚠ On September 26, at about 19:15 at the address Socialist Prospect 66, residents of the house witnessed several strong guys stuffing a man into the car’s interior, who in turn shouted “Help”. A member of our community, Kirill, believes that abduction is possible, and what do you think?

The incident Barnaul — be aware of all the incidents of the capital of the Altai Territory

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