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Institutional Economics: The Problem of Coordination # 4

Lecture of the first week of the online course HSE “Institutional Economics” at Coursera.

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About the course:
This course is the first step towards understanding institutions and their role in the economy and society, the first look at the area of ​​economic analysis that is rich in ideas and results, which we call institutional economics.

The main objective of the course is to show how the institutions work in various fields, and what happens if the institutions are weak or inefficient. We will talk about the institute of property rights and contracts, we will give historical examples and analyze modern cases, we will show that institutions are important for the prosperity of entire countries, but at the same time they are necessary for the implementation of even the simplest transactions between their two citizens.

Yudkevich Maria Markovna, Vice-Rector, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Applied Economics, HSE

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We need a new economy. Victor Efimov

Public figure, ideologist of the Concept of Public Safety and Doctor of Economic Sciences Viktor Efimov talks about the social nature of our state. Does an increase in the retirement age and higher requirements for the length of service lead to economic growth?

Can this approach be considered correct from the standpoint of human interests? Where do the roots of support for Stalin grow in all regimes? Why even in the difficult post-war years the annual salary of a worker allowed to buy a house, and the mortgage was given at just 1% per annum?

Where in Russia today you can take a mortgage at 1% per annum and what really lies behind the low interest rate? When will the interests of a person come to the fore in our state, and not profit, the euro and dollars? What will be based on a fundamentally new credit and financial system and a new concept of money?

Economy of innovative development. Management theory of economics

Economics and Noosphere, Velichko Mikhail Viktorovich, Efimov VV, Imanov G.M.

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China: the second economy is preparing to become the first — Russia 24

In China, the most important political event of the five-year plan. 19th Congress of the Communist Party. In an address to delegates, Secretary General Xi Jinping announced a new era for "Chinese socialism." By 2050, the country must complete the modernization and become world leaders. The ambitious plan will be executed by a new generation of Chinese politicians who, following the results of the congress, will become members of the party’s governing bodies.
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Agora. The digital economy is a new reality

Agora. The digital economy is a new reality. Are we ready for digital immortality? Artificial Intelligence.
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The digital economy is a new reality. Man and his digital counterpart — which is more important for determining individuality? Can a digital twin replace a real person? Are we ready for digital immortality? Is the creation of artificial intelligence a prerequisite for a digital economy? What specialties are necessary for the development of the digital economy, and which branches of the modern industry will be superfluous?
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Agora — talk show with Mikhail Shvydkim.
In Ancient Greece, the Agora is the main square, where citizens discussed fundamental problems of being, where private problems acquired public status, and, conversely, the concerns of society became the concerns of every single citizen.
The Agora talk show with Mikhail Shvydky on Russia K TV channel is the main arena, where participants discuss topical issues of the time through artistic culture and its connection with society. This is a program about how culture, art, science and education affect society, and how society affects them. Live — not only the discussion of supporters and opponents of artistic phenomena, but also an attempt to research how culture or works of art provoke us and create a public response.
“Our task is not to knock opponents together with our heads, but to offer a slightly different perspective on the problem and, maybe, even find points of contact,” says Mikhail Shvydkoy. “I would not like to do a show that would excite the spectator interest by some scandals, this is an attempt to calmly understand the problems that caused the scandal.”
Hot issues and paradoxical answers, irreconcilable discussions and unexpected compromises, prominent cultural figures and experts — in the talk show with Mikhail Shvydky “Agora” every Saturday.
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Sergey Glazyev. Economy of the future. Cryptocurrencies and digital technologies

Doctor of Economic Sciences Sergey Glazyev presents his new books and talks about the long-term trends of modern economic development. What drives the American ruling elite. What strategy will Russia implement? Why is there such a stir around cryptocurrency? How digital technology can help fight corruption.
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