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HOMELESS ANSWERS ON SCHOOL QUESTIONS FOR MONEY! Vodka or Food — the choice of homeless

Vodka or Food? What will the homeless choose? In this video, we conducted a new social experiment in which homeless people respond to school questions. All the questions that we picked up are simple and most of our viewers know the answers to them.

We gave 100 rubles to each homeless person who correctly answered 1 question and thus supported these people! Support us too if you like this release. Write a comment and send the video to your friends, thanks in advance.

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Cupcake for diabetic. Food for diabetic.

Cupcake for diabetic. Food for diabetic.
I show those recipes that are suitable for my husband. You have a different diabetes and you have a different organism …. Each recipe can be customized … the main thing is to grasp the idea.
Simple products and tasty, wholesome food.

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Musina Natalia Grigoryevna

I'm allergic, please help

Chic Workshop of my husband

The room in which I live

The bitter story of my weight loss

Beaded harnesses.


CHEAP PRODUCTS. Product Overview Feed. Cheap food. Hi Kuzma and Yulik!

Cheap products! Bought a lot of cheap food. Let's see what the Food Ribbons really are.

Recently I saw a video of Kuzma and Yulik trying cheap products and decided to make an answer to their videos. In this video, I test different tasty and not very food from the Ribbon. .


Edible lizuny against ordinary food! Challenge — 7 Ideas

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12 life hacking for animals:
What is more interesting, eat a ripe banana or try to bite off a piece of banana-lizuna? Snack on a regular hamburger, or taste a lizuno-burger … Stop, what are we talking about? Of course, about the new challenge!

Tools and materials:
• Marshmallow
• Nutella
• Starch
• Icing Sugar
• Food colorings
• Oreo
• Mortar and pestle
• Waffles
• Pan
• Jelly Bean
• Chicken nugget box
• Jelly candies
• Biscuit
• Wooden stick
• Bun
• Sunflower seeds
• Pudding Cup
• Banana shape
• Donut

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Question of the day: what do you like best, ordinary food, or edible lizuny? Write in the comments!

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"Food is alive and dead": the use of fermented milk products, recipes from mushrooms and currants (09/29/2018)

What do scientists think about dairy products? Why abroad kefir is considered superfood? How did it become a dangerous drink and is there more benefit in it than in yogurt?

Unusual dishes of chanterelles, porcini mushrooms, mushrooms and champignons are recipes from the trendy Moscow chef.

How can currants help athletes and residents of megacities? In what form does the berry retain the most benefit? And is there a way to quickly gather and sort it out?

Should I eat canned cod liver oil?

The recipe of the week is a peach stuffed with cottage cheese.

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Nha Trang | Vietnamese French Spring Rolls | Food in Vietnam |

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Street snacks Nha Trang!
We also could not pass by!
It turned out very tasty and tried several times and with different fillings!
We advise everyone who will be in Nha Trang for sure!
CANAL GUIDE (Travel to Nha Trang.Vietnam):
Sights of Nha Trang. Buddha Long Shawn. White Buddha:
Nha Trang. Hotel Nagar settlement:
Nha Trang. Central beach:
Nha Trang. Panoramic pool at Nagar Hotel:
Nha Trang. Breakfast at the Nagar Hotel:
Nha Trang. Restaurant MIX. Where to eat in Nha Trang:
Nha Trang. Winperl. Dancing fountains:

Nha Trang. Cafe by the road with seafood:
Nha Trang. Vietnamese french pancakes:
Nha Trang. Grill Garden. Where to eat in Nha Trang:
Nha Trang. Hom Moi Market:
Nha Trang. Street food in Vietnam. Try langoustine:
Nha Trang. ABC Bakery Bakery Network:
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Street snacks Nha Trang!
We also couldn't pass up!
We advise everyone who will be in Nha Trang necessarily!
Xin chào cháu yêu quý! Cảm ơn, chúng tôi!
Êng quên giống như, theo dõi các kênh-nó không phải là khó khăn như vậy! Mới

Đồ ăn đường phố Nha Trang!
Chúng tôi cũng không thể vượt lên!
Nó rất ngon và ã cố gắng nhiều lần và với lọai khác nhau!
Chúng tôi khuyên tất cả mọi người who sẽ c Nha Trang nhất thiết phải!
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街头 小吃 芽 庄!
也 不能 错过!
是 非常 好吃 , 尝试 了 好 几次 , 用 用 的 的 的 的
建议 大家 谁 一定 会 在 芽 庄!

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NEWS FROM MIRATORG | FROZY FOOD | Marketing Victim 2.0

Today in the release of new products from Miratorg. I have never had a relationship with their finished products. Let's see what they have in cooking.
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Hi, my name is Romanus or, like some googles, “Romanius” and I like to shoot stupid and evil saleswomen, argue with the guards and the police, and also drink energy while being closed in the store another cattle woman. .