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A terrible working incident: a man fell into a meat grinder

In Oregon, one worker died after falling into a factory meat grinder.

A 41-year-old cleaner named Hugo Avalos Chenon worked on a night shift at a meat factory. He and other DCS Sanitation Management employees cleaned and cleaned all factory equipment.

Most likely, Chenon climbed onto the meat grinder, slipped and fell into it.

It is unclear why he worked with the meat grinder on.

His colleagues rushed to the rescue and pressed the button that stopped the movement of the unit. But it was too late — Chanon died almost immediately.

Firefighters, who were called to the scene of the tragedy, confirmed the "fatal incident." No chance of survival for the unfortunate was not.

Earlier at this factory there were more than once accidents and incidents. In 2005, one employee lost his finger there. .