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From space removed the mysterious dark side of the moon (news)

From space removed the mysterious dark side of the moon. The satellite, located at a distance of more than 1 million 600 thousand kilometers from the Earth, made an unusual snapshot of the Moon. He captured the mysterious dark side of the satellite against the backdrop of our planet.

The photos were taken by a NASA camera, mounted on the Deep Space Climate Observatory. The satellite observes space weather on one side and — behind the state of the Earth's atmosphere on the other. In particular, it collects data on the solar wind and on the ejections of the coronal mass of the Sun.

The photo shows that the Moon passes over the Pacific Ocean near North America.

In September, the same camera is used for a new project. It will help in the study of the ozone layer and the vegetation of the Earth, as well as cloud heights and the presence of suspended particles in the atmosphere.

Subsequently, NASA will publish color photographs taken by the camera.

Note that for the first time the dark side of the moon was removed in 1959. This was done by the Soviet automatic interplanetary station "Luna-3".

From the Earth you can see only one side of the moon. This is due to the fact that the periods of rotation of the satellite around our planet and around its axis are almost the same. .


In China, the billionaire Liu Khan was executed (news)

In China, the billionaire Liu Han was executed. The Chinese authorities executed the famous billionaire Liu Han, the former head of one of the country's largest mining corporations. Last year he was found guilty of deliberate murder and the creation of a mafia group.

Together with him, his younger brother Liu Wei was executed, as well as three more defendants in the case.

In the past, Liu held 230th place in the ranking of the richest people in China. Local media associate his name with the former head of the security forces of the country, Zhou Yongkang. As expected, Liu was doing business with the son of an official Zhou Binh.

This is the loudest execution of a businessman in recent years in China since the time when the power in the country has changed, and Xi Jinping came to the post of general secretary of the Communist Party.

Note that the former head of the security forces, Zhou Yongkang, is also under investigation. In December 2014, he was expelled from the party and arrested on charges of corruption and disclosure of state secrets.

Analysts say that the arrests of high-ranking politicians and businessmen reveal the fierce inner-party struggle conducted by various informal groups inside the Chinese Communist Party.

Zhou Yongkang himself is a member of the faction of the former general secretary of the Communist Party Jiang Zemin, who is accused in China and abroad of human rights violations and crimes against humanity. .